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Self-Insured Corporation Defense Attorneys In Springfield

Litigation Defense For Self-Insured Businesses In Southwest Missouri

Trucking companies and many other businesses may choose to be self-insured. While self-insurance certainly has benefits, self-insured businesses do not have the buffer of an insurance company when they are the target of a personal injury lawsuit, property damage lawsuit or any other type of lawsuit. They must retain their own lawyers to defend them against these actions. At Taylor, Stafford, Clithero & Harris, we have decades of experience defending businesses against claims of all types.

From offices in Springfield, our insurance lawyers represent self-insured corporations throughout southwest Missouri. Call us to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced Springfield self-insured corporation defense attorney at Taylor, Stafford, Clithero & Harris today.

When choosing a lawyer, a self-insured business must be aware of the fact that the case could go to trial. The chosen lawyer must understand Ozark culture and the mind-set of the people who will populate the jury. The business that is the target of the lawsuit, which may not be local, will likely be viewed by the jury as a big, nameless corporation. Having a lawyer who is local, who is known in the area and can relate to the members of the jury, is critical. Our lawyers know the community and are part of the community, and this has played a major role in our record of success in representing out-of-state self-insured businesses.

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Since opening our doors 1974, we have been recognized for our commitment to hard work and integrity, including responsive communication and reasonable fees based on responsible billing policies.

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